Just Services

Advocating for access to fundamental rights and Just Services, such as health
and education, is an absolute necessity to make social change a reality.  

World Action supported and strengthened people’s organisations and social movements to engage with their governments at all levels.  The specific success of increasing the ‘voice’of marginalised people has been a defining legacy of partners’ work.  A diverse range of organisations and networks have secured ‘voice’, sometimes for the first time in their societies and engaged as active citizens with their elected representatives and state officials/civil servants locally, nationally and internationally.

Citizenship and Services for the Urban Poor.  Impact Assessment Synthesis Report

Lucy Earle, with a Foreword by Andy Rutherford 2011
Lessons from the Luanda Urban Poverty Programme 1999-2010

Developing gender-sensitive local services
One World Action 2000
What can be done to make services affordable, accessible, appropriate, and gender sensitive?