Just Trade
Gearing trade towards greater equity and sustainable development for the poorest

Gender analysis at all levels of trade policy formulation has often been absent.
Women’s voices
are also largely absent and very little attempt has been made to
 consult women’s organisations and groups or to make it possible for them to engage
 more actively in the discussions on the implementation of trade liberalisation.

 One World Action worked with women within
government structures and women’s
organisations and groups to build their capacity to engage 
in trade debates and negotiations. 

Dr Marzia Fontana, Institute of Development Studies, UK  2009
A synthesis of research carried out in Jamaica, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Civil Society Trade Network of Zambia (CSTNZ)  2007
One small-scale dairy farming community’s engagement with trade processes.  

Zohra Khan  2006
An analysis of three key export commodities: sugar in Mozambique, beef in Namibia and cut flowers in Zambia.